ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) SATCOM capabilities are experiencing a mini revolution:
• The number of satellite services and equipment solutions continues to grow
• New communications capabilities are enabling more critical missions.
• The number of contracted ISR missions is growing
• The variety of aircraft used for these missions is expanding

Adding new SATCOM capabilities to your aircraft can be a daunting project.

With more than 20 years of satcom experience, Eclipse, the SATCOM experts, has the knowhow to help you choose the right solution for your mission. We can help you answer two key questions:
• What factors should I consider when adding SATCOM capabilities to my aircraft?
• How do I know which solution is right for my mission?

Whether you’re a contractor offering ISR as a Service, or your commander has tasked you with securing new capabilities for your squadron’s fleet, the first step is to get a handle on the critical factors you’ll need to consider. Here’s how:

1. Download our white paper, “Defining and Delivering a New SATCOM Capability for Airborne ISR

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And take the next steps:

2. Start planning SATCOM for your aircraft with our checklist:


At Eclipse, we understand the rewards and complexities that SATCOM can bring to your mission and team.

It’s not just about installing the equipment, it includes airtime, service, maintenance, encryption technology, system and aircraft lifecycle.


We’re value-added resellers for aviation’s most respected SATCOM suppliers, like Honeywell, and Inmarsat. We’ll help you choose the system that will fit your mission needs—wherever mission takes you.


For more than 20 years, we’ve been delivering customized SATCOM solutions to the world’s most recognized militaries and governments.


We understand SATCOM, it’s what we do, it’s what we know. Our expertise is built on an in-depth understanding of both satellite networks and equipment.


While SATCOM technologies constantly evolve and the Eclipse team of experts is flexible and innovative to meet changing needs. We are able to rapidly develop applications, like our Aero+ Software Suite that enhance your mission’s effectiveness. We’ll ensure that your SATCOM system fits your requirements, and be future-ready.


We work with satellite and equipment providers. We manage the project from start to finish. With one point of contact, you can rest easy, knowing the intricate details are well in-hand.


We offer a complete, customized solution including hardware, airtime, certifications, service and support. Whether you’re flying fixed wing, UAV or helicopter, we can help you get SATCOM on your aircraft.

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