Airborne ISR • New SATCOM Requirement Checklist

The following is a brief list of key considerations when modifying an aircraft to incorporate SATCOM, and so based upon the response, Eclipse can propose the most suitable solution.

Governs the size, weight and power of equipment that can be considered, in turn dictating the satellite services that can be provided
Finding suitable locations is critical, especially relating to EMC/I / RF interference with other systems and load balancing and structural integrity
Roll on / Roll Off Solutions can be considered, saving weight and space when SATCOM is not required
Dictates the data rate required and in turn the satellite service “type”
Some satellite services have regional coverage only, but even for Global Providers, limiting the region of operations can dramatically reduce price
Modification certification to Military or Civil (e.g. FAA, EASA) regulations can add cost and complexity
Unlimited services on a “pay as you use” basis can be expensive, so it is always most cost effective for Eclipse to create a custom package, based around expected usage
Available budget will greatly dictate the equipment + services types that can be considered!