European ISR operator uses a complete Eclipse connectivity solution on a King Air 350 platform, including Aero+ Velocity software to enhance the Inmarsat L-band SATCOM service, in order to stream HD video to multiple users, located in disparate locations.

Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband (SBB) worldwide satellite coverage facilitates critical ISR missions anywhere in the world, at a moment’s notice and as the leading Military & Government Connectivity Provider, Eclipse can offer bespoke and unique solutions.

Maximizing Bandwidth for Hi-Def Video

Real-time video transmission capabilities are critical for ISR, which is why this European operator chose to equip the King Air 350 with a complete Eclipse solution for its missions.

The solution includes a High Gain L-band SATCOM antenna and transceiver, router, server, navigation system, H.265 video codec optimized for satellite, E-CRYPT IPSec to secure the end to end data connection, Inmarsat satellite airtime and Eclipse’s Aero+ Velocity software application. Using Inmarsat’s worldwide SwiftBroadband (SBB) network the operator doesn’t have to negotiate and manage new satellite spot beam contracts for new geographic operations—they can fly missions anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, choosing to either “pay as they use” or contract for unlimited data on various flexible tariffs.

While Eclipse also provides a significant amount of Ku- and Ka-band solutions to the ISR community, this operator’s need for operational flexibility combined with the airframe’s limitations regarding available size, weight and power, demonstrates L-band SATCOM’s continued importance as an ISR mission tool. This is particularly true when these solutions are implemented with the right tools, including Aero+ Velocity software.

Channel Bonding for Reliable, Stable Data Transmission

A key factor in this operator’s mission success is Eclipse’s Aero+ Velocity software, which allows data rates more traditionally associated with Ku or Ka-Band, to be delivered over L-Band.

With the Eclipse software onboard the aircraft server, the operator can aggregate two SwiftBroadband HDR (High Data Rate) channels to provide bandwidth of up to 1.2 Mbps, creating a reliable and stable data transfer pipe.

This enhanced data rate, along with the Eclipse supplied H.265 video codec + E-CRYPT IPSec encryption allows the User to securely send and receive real-time critical intelligence, including 1080p HD video and imagery from their location to Intelligence and Operations Centers located thousands of miles away from the mission. In addition, SBB’s worldwide coverage enables the rapid deployment of ISR resources anywhere they are needed.

Mission-tailored Solutions

Like many organisations, this operator benefits from Eclipse and Inmarsat’s 20+ years relationship in the Military & Government Aircraft domain. Eclipse worked closely with the aircraft operator to develop a range of bespoke airtime packages that met the budgetary needs, both in terms of data rate, data consumption, coverage and contract flexibility, offering significant value for money.

Eclipse is a mission-tailored airborne SATCOM solutions expert. Our focus is offering the most advanced, secure connectivity technologies to meet the specific requirements of military and government aircraft operators, encompassing hardware, applications, aircraft integration, certification and satellite services.